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Edified is a cloud-based, self-paced learning portal that specializes in quality online technology training for educators. To ensure successful implementations and accountability, we offer powerful administrative tools that allow customization, planning, tracking, testing and reporting on the professional development goals set forth by you or your organization.

Classrooms generally have a mix of hardware and software technologies available to use. It is our goal to help you maximize the power of these tools to improve the teacher experience and student outcomes in the classroom.

Customizable Professional Development

Every classroom is different with a unique mix of technologies. Edified’s regularly updated courses keep schools on pace as classrooms evolve.

Powerful Tools for Learner

  • Relevant courses covering the educational hardware and software of leading manufacturers.
  • On demand training that’s available any time, from anywhere, and from any device.
  • Single subscription grants user access to entire training catalog.
  • Robust search capability for to-the-point information.
  • Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface with customizable dashboard.
  • Professional quality videos, created by educators and technology experts, quickly get adult learners up and running with technology.
  • Brief Assessments to check for understanding.
  • Certificates and badges for completed courses.

Powerful Administrative Tools for Effective Management

  • Protect your investment by ensuring that everyone can effectively use the technologies you’ve implemented.
  • Organize and manage large or small groups of learners.
  • Keep learners focused by hiding technologies that are not relevant to their teaching or work environments.
  • Learning paths that allow you to customize the experience for individuals .
  • Tracking and reporting that lets you easily monitor progress and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Add content relevant to your organization to augment learning paths.
  • New courses added regularly to keep pace with innovation and changing technologies.

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We are looking for innovative teachers who can inspire others. If you are interested in
writing a course for Edified, we would love to hear from you.

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"As a teacher of 5 years, I have come to value and rely on Edified as much as my own lesson plans. Edified is the perfect tool for all teachers. Whether you need to learn new technological skills or refine your prior knowledge, Edified provides the perfect platform for recognizing and integrating the new technology that is constantly available in the classroom. My students and I could not be more grateful. This resource gives every teacher the perfect starting point for every opportunity and should be utilized by all educators."

"Edified offers users a multitude of tutorials, guides and tips for using the new SMARTBoards. Teachers of any content area can learn from the online curriculum to advance their use of the many features available with the new SMARTBoards. As the site technology coordinator, I have appreciated the varied topics that support teachers with different levels of technology experience. Teachers can return to Edified to learn something new or review a tool anytime, at their own pace. Edified is a very helpful learning option!"

"After many years of perfecting the of a SMARTboard with my lessons, I was introduced to Edified. What an incredible, enlightening and powerful tool, I wish it had been available when I started teaching with technology in my classroom. It would have saved me so much time and effort. I think it would be a great tool for any teacher."

"Student-driven learning in my 4th-grade classroom has blossomed because of my new SMART Board interactive display.  The self-paced instruction of Edified has empowered me to get much more out of the hardware and Notebook software so my lessons become an adventure in learning.  Their tutorial videos are short, informative, and easily accessible at any time or place.  Their Google Classroom videos helped me organize my lessons, so they are readily available which allows me to have more time for other tasks like prep and planning.  I am excited to access their entire catalog of classroom technology solutions because it helps me be more efficient at what I do which is teaching future scholars."

"Technology in the classroom has the ability to improve and transform the way teachers teach. Despite having a world of information at our fingertips, as we add more technology, we also add more complexity for our teachers to navigate. Edified has given teaching staff the ability to hone their skills with multiple technologies on a single website at their own pace. I can create individualized learning paths for each teacher based on the technology in their classroom while tracking and reporting on their progress and successes. I am very pleased that my teachers have access to the focused professional development they need with Edified. Perhaps the best part is that they have unlimited access to an enormous catalog of training material at a fraction of the cost of one-time in-person training that used to keep them away from the classroom. I’m grateful that my district invested in the technology and our investment in Edified has ensured that my teachers are empowered to use it all effectively. "